Bibliotherapy for Anxiety Disorders

Hello, everyone!

I must confess, I’m a “bookaholic!”  I have loved to read all of my life.  LOVE it!

Have you heard the term “bibliotherapy?”  It actually has a few slightly different meanings, but I find it to be a fantastic form of therapy, no matter how defined.

Which is why you’ll see a lot of book recommendations from me (thus the Amazon widgets and book marketplace you’ll notice on this site).  I’ll mention specific books or helpful products from time to time.  (Note: Your purchases do help us maintain our site, so many thanks to you if you should ever buy from these links.)

Having had panic disorder/anxiety, I found–as many do–that reading and re-reading those things that assist us in our healing process can be a godsend.  It is sometimes like having a personal therapist in your hands.  I know I’ve had a lot of “Aha!” moments, while reading, as I gained a better understanding of my experience. So many amazing insights arise….

Additionally, as a publisher of a newsletter on this subject, I was sent gobs of review copies of books in the field of anxiety disorders.  It was great to read each one, and often write about them in the newsletter.

Of course, reading is not enough.  Acting upon that newfound knowledge is what it really takes to see progress.  That knowledge truly is power when put to use.

I should add:  Don’t let seemingly conflicting information confuse and paralyze you!  Just take what feels right to you, and discard the rest—-or even save that other info for a time in the future. There will always be differences in opinions, but only you know what is best for you at any given moment.   Your own discernment is all that is needed.

Be Encouraged!